the artery

The Artery

The artery is a social and spatial initiative founded in 2012 to bridge the neighborhoods of Riverwest and Harambee by extending the Beerline Trail ⅔ mile and creating an 8 acre linear park from Keefe and Richards to Capitol Drive.  The artery reclaims a former industrial rail corridor as an exhibitional space for community-based art by engaging local stakeholders to co-define public space, offering resources and relationships to promote creativity towards both cultural and economic growth.  Beyond the physical installations and programming, the artery has become a place that embraces cultural differences, enhances connectivity, and rejuvenates community, ultimately empowering its residents and businesses to work or “pull” together to address the reality and repercussions of segregation, creating opportunity for equitable and sustainable development.

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funding: ArtPlace America, City of Milwaukee Neighborhood Development Improvement Corporation, Art$upport

in kind: I-joists, rail ties, hauling lumber, grading site, material delivery, shipping containers

partners: Earthbound Development, Newaukee, City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works, Greater Milwaukee Committee, Newaukee, MCR Group, CG Schmidt, Riverworks Development Corporation, MKE-LAX, SoulPatch Films, WE Energies; Greater Milwaukee Foundation; School Factory, WRTP Big Step, Milwaukee Intermodal Transit, Midland Plastics, Groundwork Milwaukee, Gallas Safeguards, Hallman Lindsay, Wallace Tree and Landscaping, Marek Landscaping, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Big MPG, Freedom by Design, The Port of Milwaukee, Jazale’s Art Studio, Brothers FP, Home Depot, Midwest Renewable Energy Association, ReThink Factory, Freedom by Design, All People’s Church, Grace Fellowship Church, 5 Points Neighborhood Association, Dream Bikes, Safe and Sound, 5th District Police Department, Munger Technical Services, Bearpaw Design and Construction, Harambee Greater Neighborhood Initiative, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Digital Edge, Northwestern Mutual, Wheel and Sprocket, Outpost Natural Foods, Briggs & Stratton, Building Blocks Construction, Outpost Natural Foods, Milwaukee Electric Tool, La Lune Collection, Colectivo, Beans and Barley, Riverwest Cooperative Grocery and Café, Riverwest Currents, Milwaukee Community Journal Milwaukee Times, Milwaukee Courier, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, Riverwest 24, City of Milwaukee Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation, Kickstarter, Alderwoman Milele Coggs, Alderman Nik Kovac, Supervisor David Bowen, Supervisor Willie Johnson, Jr., Stillwaters Collective, Playback Theater, Overpass Light Brigade, Ina Onilu, Summer of Peace, Present Music, Hansberry Sans, Express Yourself Milwaukee, Janus College Preparatory & Arts Academies, Milwaukee Public Theater, Holton Youth and Family Center, STITCH Milwaukee, True Skool, Kameelah Muhammed, Marvin Jones, Bobby Drake, Elijah Furquan, Erick Ledesma, Saehee Chang, Reynaldo Hernandez, Wes Tank, Churchill Caruthers, Jr., David Whitten Jr. Bai Whitten, Jabril Faraj, Wallace Landscaping,  Marek Landscaping, Richard Lacy, Ghassan Korban, Matt Ryan, Julia Taylor, Rocky Marcoux, Vanessa Llanas

materials: rail ties, tires, ballast, I-joists, shipping containers, pvc, conduit, salvaged materials

installation: March 2012 - current

project team: Keith Hayes, Willie Fields, Jeff Haneline, Rob Zdanowski, Ellie Jackson, Erika Wolf, Dasha Kelly, Mitch Branscombe, Claire Olson, Rachel Hardwick, Ashley Oberst, Troy DiBurgo, Jeff Townsend, Jermaine Cole, Ventson Jones, Hugh Soward III, Dan Peterson, Jordan Donald, Kasey King, Annushka Peck, Rachel Messenger, Alan Wold, Ivy Klarer, Leyton Schiebel, Jacob Bruni, Vedale Hill, Mikal Floyd Pruitt, Scott Schmalz, Taylor Williams, Charlie Stull, Olmedo Marcangelo, Heather Hall, David Hall, Moriah Iverson, Andrew McComb, Laurel Osman, Margaret Bryde, Sara Daleiden, Tyrone P. Dumas, Dasha Kelly, Rhonda Hill, Keith Radke, Brad Pruitt, Adam Carr, Jill Sebastian, NJ Unaka, Brad Pruitt, Kim Cozier, Tim Murphy, Reuben Harpole, Evelyn Terry, Annushka Peck, Isaiah Rembert, Jamie Ferschinger, J. Allen Stokes, Niko Kennedy, Jill Sebastian, Manny Grant, Malikah Williams, Ben Schultz, Janet Grau

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