swing park

Swing Park

On September 9th, 2012, a series of swings were installed under the Holton Viaduct as a social and spatial experiment.  Much like the marsupial bridge, these swings took advantage of the structure available.  This guerilla installation was done with a few friends and others who heard of this pop up invite through craigslist.  The original installation included eight swings, including three swing types: the bucket swing, the classic tire swing, and a bench swing.  The wood and tires used for the swings were found materials; hardware and ¾” hemp rope was donated by Home Depot.  Repairs to the original installations, improvements, and additional swing types over the following year.  The City of Milwaukee adopted the swing park through a common council resolution in 2013 and invested in a second phase in 2014 to include 4 bucket swings, a handicap swing, two baby swings, as well as a crumb rubber surface; a third phase is anticipated.




funding: ArtPlace America, City Center, Save Our Swings Common Cents Collaboration
in kind: ropes, cables, chains, donated
partners: Home Depot, Soul Patch Films, Brady Street BID, Newaukee, MKE-BKE, Wisconsin Bike Fed, City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works, Bel-Air, Alderman Nik Kovac, MKE-LAX
materials: tires, hemp rope, polystyrene rope, cable, hose, carabiners, inner tubes, chain, eyelets, repurposed nominal lumber, pressure treated lumber, black iron pipe + floor flange
installation: 05/01/2013 - current
project team: Willie Fields, Steve Roche, Rob Zdanowski, Jeff Haneline, Kevin McNamara, Moriah Iverson, Jason Anderson, Joe Buccini, Tedward Erker, Andras Terray

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