sidewall ball

Sidewall Ball

Side Wall Ball is an active analysis of the sidewall as a structural material and a play device.  When under it’s own weight, it holds a generally spherical shape, but when it encounters interaction, it morphs and creates a cocoon of sorts. It lends its geometry from the geodesic dome, but reinterpreted with a flexible, yet structural material that is the tire side wall. The ball has potential as a unit for many lives as a swing, a lantern, a hammock, a shelter, or an array of other possibilities. It serves as one use to close the loop left open from some of beintween’s other projects and can act as a template for a D.I.Y. play device for a family or pop-up park.

The ball is has 4.5 ft diameter and weighs around  150 lbs. We will need to work with the gallery space to ensure its safety if used as an interactive piece in the exhibit.

sidewallball detail

funding: na
in-kind: na
partners: beintween
materials: tire sidewalls
installation: 4/18/2015 - length of the gallery
project team: Keith Hayes, Hugh Soward, Mitchell Branscombe, Erik Schiller

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