north stage

North Stage

The north stage is a deconstructed high cube container that supports a 16 x 40’ stage. It essentially scales up the concept of a diorama, or shoebox theater, which many may remember creating in elementary school.  This receptacle hosts all kinds of improvisational performers and programs, but can also function as a place to sit down in the shade. The shipping container was originally a bookend to a series of three shipping containers welded together along their lengths.  A mirrored version of this, the south stage, is sited on the opposite end of the trail.  The deck is built just like a butcher block with short side of laminate flanges of I-joists becoming the stage surface.  The container remains raw, but has been tagged by graffiti writers, and then covered in multiple splashes of colored painted around the stencil “I AM MILWAUKEE” by Mikal Floyd Pruitt.

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funding: ArtPlace America
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