Matireal not only provides a pathway to open up an overpass, it removes the burden from a number of local tire shops and reuses the gravel leftover from an abandoned railroad. This innovative and permeable solution employs a flexible structural weave far superior and more cost efficient than its asphalt alternative. Ultimately, matireal can provide its own source of revenue, employing local residents at a living wage through the realignment of tax dollars associated with current recycling measures.








funding: Kickstarter, Community Development Block Grant, ArtPlace

in kind: tire delivery, chainlink fence + rail tie installation, bridge donation

partners: Earthbound Development, Bliffert Lumber, Milwaukee Intermodal Transit, City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works, Milwaukee Electric Tool, Groundwork Milwaukee, 1 Stop Tire and Battery, Community Tires, Oguis Auto, Newaukee, SoulPatch Films, Bucketworks, Park People of Milwaukee County, Department of Natural Resources, Rethink Factory

materials: automobile tires, fasters, existing railbed gravel, shipping container

installation: 03/01/2013 through 10/31/2013

project team: Brian Monroe, Willie Fields, Keith Hayes, Rob Zdanowski, Jeff Haneline, Moriah Iverson, Hilary Wilson, Rob Zdanowski, Rachel Messenger, Alan Wold, Jeff Townsend, Heather Hall, Erika Wolf, Jermaine Cole, Leyton Schiebel, Josh Diciaula, Andrew McComb, Annushka Peck, Amina Tugan, Joe Miletta, Adam Spoerri, NJ Unaka, Jayleen Harper, Shailynn Harper, Kelly Fields, Brittney Sobczak, Mark Welch, Ivy Klarer, Ellie Jackson, Keith Radke, Zack Felknor, Richard Lacy, Ghassan Korban

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