Housed in a shipping container at the artery, ICAN 2 LABS is a program promoting racial equity by offering digital access, resources, and hands on projects to local youth. The program allows children of all ages to expand their knowledge and increase their creativity. ICAN 2 LABS is equipped with wi-fi and tablets.  ICAN 2 LABS has also hosted a workshop series in partnershipwith local educators. These workshops concentrated on the fields of Art and Design, encouraging youth to think critically, creatively and cooperatively to engage various problems. Youth in the area are invited once a week to attend Open Lab hours on Saturday afternoons. At this time, kids can create their own curriculum, utilizing ICAN 2 LABS, beintween volunteers, and the world around them as their resources. ICAN 2 LABS similarly functions as a think tank for entrepreneurs and professionals in the area; community liaisons have also utilized ICAN 2 LABS as a unique meeting room.


Summer 2014 at the artery

Building the ICAN 2 LABS spring 2014

Spring 2014

funding: ArtPlace America
in kind: workshop space, shipping container + relocation, railties, glass, 17 ply mahogany, oil based primer and paint
partners: School Factory, MCR Group, Tyrone P. Dumas Consulting, CG Schmidt, Greater Milwaukee Committee, Milwaukee Intermodal Transit, CG Schmidt, WE Energies, Rethink Factory, Port of Milwaukee, Home Depot, Hallman Lindsay, Munger Technical Services, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Midland Plastics, BucketWorks, Wallace Landscaping, Flux Design, American Design, Annushka Peck, Julia Swanson
materials: shipping container, rail ties, greenhouse glass, polycarbonate, oriented strand board, acrylic, mahogany, steel, aggregate, paint, aluminum, concrete
installation: 01/15/2014 - current
project team: Tyrone Dumas, Keith Hayes, Troy DiBurgo, Willie Fields, Rob Zdanowski, Peyton Covey, Josh Diciaula, James Carlson, Keith Nelson, Mark Morgan, Tommy Jeffries, Willie Jeffries, Mitch Branscombe, Ben Rousseau, Jordan Donald, Kasey King, Ellie Jackson, Erika Wolf, Jeff Haneline, Heather Hall, Scott van Vreede, Charlie Mead, Ivy Klarer, Sara Daleiden, Brad Fiore, Jeremy Kunz, Adam Spoerri, Hyron Leon-Quartez Stokes, Curtis Floyd, Robert Munger, Myles Saigh, Miguel Ramirez, Nicholas Robinson, Lance Wallace, NJ Unaka, Jason Hillesheim, Mike Brum, Jeff Townsend, Stephen Alexander, Leyton Schiebel, Brandon Sternig, Grace Ricca, Scott Schmalz, Rachel Messenger, Bland Hoke, Alan Wold, Chelsea Wait, Bill Novak, Francis Carter, Isaac Sivyer, Amina Tugan, Andrew McComb, Hugh Soward III, Keith Radke

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