Ancestrees is a community assets mapping project of the Williamsburg Heights and Grover Heights neighborhoods of the Harambee community. Our organization and its network connected with residents to learn more of family origins and traditions as a way to introduce ourselves to our neighbors and also to better understand our the community’s shared story. The information is compiled and analyzed upon a large map. This information shows ways our neighbors and their families are similar and different, and also began to suggest some of the famous recipes in the area that we might prepare at future community potlucks, also known as beeBques.




funding: ArtPlace America, Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation
in kind: na
partners: MKE-LAX, Digital Edge, 5 Points Neighborhood Association
materials: printed vinyl, colored markers.
installation: summer 2014
project team: Keith Hayes, Erika Wolf, Sara Daleiden, Moriah Iverson, Erik Schiller, Emmanuel Grant, Malikah Williams, Jayleen Harper, Shailynn Harper, Jermaine Cole, Destiny Cole

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