The amphitheater is a series of tiered rows of seating at the main stage on the artery.  The original design of the amphitheater intended to mimic a tiered topographical landscape, which would have embedded different lengths of I-joists parallel to the main stage; the construction was derailed by a delay in the path construction and environmental reporting, and an alternative to use gabion baskets was compromised by the theft of many of the baskets. Its current form simply stacks a number of 16’ I-joists into four 40’ longs rows at 34” deep, then topped with OSB. Despite not being able to build the ampitheater as planned, this manuever resolves the need for storing lumber while providing temporary seating capacity for up to 150 people, as the roof of the storage shipping container can be used as a 5th row of seating. The ampitheater was completed for the final showcase of Season One and beonstage Tuesdays. More than 150 movable cushions were constructed by neighborhood youth and participants of Riverwest24 bicycle race in July by combining recycled OSB, fiberglass insulation, and large truck inner tubes.

the amphitheater at our open min night



funding: ArtPlace America

in-kind: ballast delivery, site grading, lumber hauling, shipping container relocation

partners: CG Schmidt, MCR Group, Milwaukee Intermodal Transit, Earthbound Development, City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works, Keith Radke, Mitch Branscombe, Willie Fields

installation: 03/01/2013 through 10/31/2013
project team: Keith Hayes, Mitch Branscombe, David Hall, Hugh Soward, Andrew McComb, Willie Fields, Charlie Stull

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